Year 1 Tattenhall

Year 1 go to the Conwy Centre at Tattenhall. 


The Conwy Centre at Tattenhall provides an excellent experience for the children. The centre allows the children access high quality learning enhancing the National Currculum; allowing pupils to broaden their horizons. 

Whilst the children are staying at the centre, they get to use the super facilities which consist of a dance studio and art room. They are able to relax in the lounge area where they can sit on bean bags and listen to a story.

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Whilst at the Conwy Centre they take part in a range of activities based on the theme of 'Space' to tie in nicely with our Spring Topic about Neil Armstrong. The activities focus on Art and Dance.  As the facilities  on offer gives the children the opportunity to build larger pieces of Art and challenge their imagination to create a variety of movements in their dance performance.    

When the children are taking part in their Art activity, they are working in a team to create an alien. They create the alien by using a variety of plastic bags and tights which are stuffed with newspaper and covered in gum tape. After they paint the aliens using different mediums.

The dance activtiy that the children take part in is based around a musical extract from 'War of the Worlds'. The children pretend to be aliens landing on a planet. As they listen to the music they work together to keep a steady beat whilst travelling in different directions and creating a variety of movements at different levels. 


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Here are some quotes from the children about the residential smiley

' My favourite part was working as a team'  angel

' My favourite part was making the aliens because we used gummed tape. It was fun! ' yes

' I liked it when Mr Joule came to read us a story' smiley

' My favourite part was having a sleepover with my friends. ' laugh

 'I liked the dancing' yes

 'I liked putting the newspaper inside to make the alien’s head.' laugh