School Council


Who we are

We are the the school council! We represent High Street Primary School! We help our headteacher to make tough decisions for the school and help other pupils to succeed!

School Council Jobs

In our meetings, we all have jobs. There is The Chair (The Boss of the meeting), The Vice Chair (Supports the Chairperson and helps with time keeping in the meetings), The Secretary (The person who records the minutes of the meeting), The Treasurer (Looks after any School Council money), The Public Announcers (Shares information with pupils, staff and other stakeholders) and The Deciders (Everyone in the meeting)


We all have badges to represent our school teams/colours. They look like this:

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    17th Nov
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    15th Nov
  • Many Thanks to Morrison’s who supported our Friendship disco last night by providing bread rolls! The children had…

    15th Nov
  • So proud of all the children today! Real yellow stars!

    15th Nov
  • Wow! Looks like my succession plan is working!!!

    15th Nov

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