Ethos and Values

Our Mission Statement:


Our school is a safe, healthy, caring and friendly

place to learn.  During each day we do our best to

develop new skills and learn interesting information, 

to help us become excellent members of the community.

W - Welcoming    H - Healthy    S - Safe

Our Aims:

The school community aims that all children:

  • Feel happy and develop confidence
  • Aspire to reach their full potential
  • To become independent thinkers and lifelong learners
  • Respect differences in others
  • Value themselves and celebrate the achievements of all
  • Take responsibility for themselves, the community and the wider world

Our Objectives:

The objectives of our school are:

  • To educate each child through a broad, balanced and creative curriculum
  • To ensure the wellbeing, safety and inclusion of all individuals
  • To promote a positive physical environment to enhance the curriculum
  • To maintain professional communication between all stakeholders
  • To encourage high expectations which value enterprise and effort
  • To prepare children for an interdependent and globalised world