Religious Education

As a Community Primary and Nursery School, we follow the Local Authority agreed syllabus for the teaching of Religious Education.  Christianity is predominantly the religion taught.  In addition, aspects of the six main world religions are taught throughout the school.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, the children are taught about special days and festivals from each of the main six religions.

In KS1 the children study Christianity and Judaism. As they progress into KS2 in Years 3 and 4 the teaching focusses on Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.  Sikhism, Islam and Christianity are then taught to the children in Year 5 and Year 6.


The content of RE lessons may be linked with PSHE or other areas of the National Curriculum.  If for any reason parents wish their child to be withdrawn from an RE lesson, they should contact the Head Teacher, and alternative arrangements will be made for their child during these lessons.