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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


SEND/Inclusion Lead

Key Stage 2 SENDCo 

Mrs Taylor 


Assistant SENDCo

Early Years & Key Stage 1

Mrs Trigg


Special Educational Needs

A nominated teacher (Mrs. Taylor) is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school's policy on Special Educational Needs (SEN).  The school has procedures for identifying those pupils who have special needs and will ensure that each child has full access to a balanced curriculum, differentiated for their individual need.  Teaching staff, parents, the child and where necessary the Local Authority are involved in decision making to support each child’s individual needs.

Initially, pupils are identified by concerns expressed by parents or teachers.  The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) is informed and the pupils are put on Special Educational Needs Register.  At this point the procedure of Special Educational Needs begins.

The graduated response, adopted in the school, recognises that there is a continuum of needs.  This is recommended in the SEN Code of Practice and is in line with the Local Authority policy.

The school follows a specific process for the identification and assessment of  each child with an additional need:

Initial Concern

If a teacher identifies a child who may be of concern, the child’s needs are discussed with the SENCo and  they are placed on Initial Concern. Quality first teaching continues and a few additional strategies may be put into place by the class teacher. The child is monitored closely and reviewed each term with the SENCo. The teacher will inform Parents/Carers.

Class Action

If a child has not made adequate progress during the Initial Concern Review they will be placed on Class Action. At Class Action the child will receive additional differentiated strategies and /or boosters/interventions designed to support the child’s needs. The teacher will inform Parents/Carers of this provision.

SEN Support (Special Needs Register)

If a child has not made adequate progress during the Class Action Review they may be moved to SEN Support after parental/carer consent is sought by the SENCo.  Following this the SENCo will create a Child Profile and Individual Education Plan (IEP) to support the child’s identified needs.  This sets out any arrangements that are additional to or different from the curriculum.  The parent/carer and child will be fully involved in the target setting and review process each term.

SEN Support Plus

If adequate progress is not made after a substantial period of intervention at SEN Support the child may be moved to SEN Support Plus with the consent of the parent/carer. This will allow the school to liaise with the appropriate external agency/agencies which may be able to offer specific support for the child’s identified need/s.  The school may request Top-Up Funding from the Local Authority if the child continues to make little progress.

If a child makes appropriate progress during any of the stages listed above the child will be moved down the chain of support and regularly reviewed.

School/Parental/Carer Request for an Education Health and Care Plans

A request may be made by the school/parent to the Local Authority if a child continues to demonstrate significant cause for concern.  The Local Authority will be given information about the child’s progress over time, and will also receive documentation in relation to the child’s special educational needs and any other action taken to deal with those needs, including any resources or special arrangements put in place. 

Cheshire West Parent Carer Forum

The Cheshire West and Chester Parent Carer Forum is a voluntary group of parents from a variety of backgrounds who have children with additional needs.  Further information can be found on the link below:

Cheshire West and Chester Parent Carer Forum

Cheshire West and Chester Parent Carer Forum Newsletter

Downloadable Links to the following policies can be found at the bottom of the page. Please contact the school, should you require any additional information.

Arrangements for the Treatment of Complaints

Initial concerns or enquires about a pupil with special education needs or SEND provision should be dealt with by the class teacher, the SENCo or the Head Teacher.  There is no suggested time scale for resolution at this stage given the importance of dialogue through informal discussion. 

In the event that these informal discussions fail to resolve matters, the complainant should follow the complaints procedure, setting out the precise nature of the complaint as specified in the school’s ‘Complaints Policy’. 

All formal complaints that are received will be recorded in school and acknowledged and an investigation will proceed to the timescale outlined in the ‘Complaints Policy’ on the Policies Page.

Parents/carers can access/be referred to the ‘Information and Advice Service’ provided by the Local Authority, should they require additional advice.


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