Winsford Education Partnership

Winsford Education Partnership

~ WEP ~

Winsford Education Partnership referred to as 'WEP' is a well-respected, aspirational, forward thinking and inclusive partnership of thirteen schools that work collaboratively to enhance the learning, wellbeing and opportunities for our children and families who form our Winsford Community. WEP celebrates the wealth of talent and intelligence of our children through the provision of innovative experiences through strategic planning and shared vision. Schools work creatively together, responsive to the needs of our community, to promote lifelong learning through aspirational activities and experiences. Staff across the schools collaborate, support, alongside sharing good practice and expertise in order to provide the very best for our young people.

All thirteen schools within our town of Winsford are represented from Secondary to Primary, special to mainstream:

Darnhall Primary School

Grange Community Nursery & Primary School

Hebden Green Community School 

Oaklands School 

Oak View Academy

Over Hall Community School

Over St Johns Church of England Primary School

St Chads Church of England Primary & Nursery School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Wharton Church of England Primary School

Willow Wood Community Primary School

Winsford Academy - Secondary

Winsford High Street Community Primary School


Our pledge is to collaboratively improve outcomes and promote a positive capital culture through:

Strong, timely communication






Our non-hierarchical group of professionals are dedicated to provide opportunities for success and even change lives.

Opportunities and experiences provided by WEP:

Pupil Forum - half termly meetings providing children with a voice to inform change within their town

Christmas Cantata - a magical annual event for children to join and perform 

WEP Junior Choir - 

WEP & Friends Adult Choir

Sports competitions

Celebration festivals

Here is the BBC Northwest Tonight news report about the very special film produced collaboratively by all 13 schools from The Winsford Education Partnership. The film has been written by young people from the Pupil Forum and is about the mental health and well-being of our young people in Winsford. We are so proud of all our young people and the work that is going on in all our schools.


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