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High Street Reception Weekly Newsletter - Tuesday 15th May, by Mr Allen

Date: 17th May 2017 @ 12:09pm

A special delivery arrived in the Reception classes today, the children are very excited!!

8 eggs have been delivered today. The eggs are in an incubator safe and warm. The children are in charge of watching the eggs to check for changes.

The children guessed what is in the eggs. Guesses included dinosaurs, snakes, chicks and alligators!

The EYFS staff hope that it is chicks!!


What are we doing this week?

  1. Daily phonics

  2. Observing our broad beans – have the beans started to sprout?

  3. Looking after our special delivery of eggs!

  4. PE – Sports Day Games Practice

  5. Numeracy – 2D/3D shape (naming and describing shapes)

  6. Letter formation – l and t (cursive)


Topic – Polly will visit us to share information/facts about Australia


What can you do at home to support our learning at school?

  1. Tricky word and sounds book at least 3 times a week.

  2. Reading daily with an adult

  3. Letter formation – long ladder family (l and t)

  4. Name writing suing the correct formation (first and surname)

  5. Counting in 2’s and 5’s


Water bottle – We would appreciate you sending your child to school each day with a NAMED water bottle filled with drinking water. Please do not send juice or flavoured water.


Snacks – Thank you for sending in a healthy snack (fruit, vegetables, raisins, or breadsticks) in a labelled pot. PLEASE do not send sugary snacks or drinks into school, thank you for your support.


Reception – Outdoor Learning Dates Summer Term 2017 (morning session)

2RA – Mr Allen

Wednesday 17th May

Wednesday 24th May


4OF – Miss Fox

Wednesday 14th June

Wednesday 21st June

Wednesday 28th June

Wednesday 5th July

Wednesday 12th July


Please send your child to school dressed in their outdoor learning clothes with uniform to change in to after the session.



Long sleeved top

Warm jumper

Waterproof coat


Reception are on Twitter!!

Twitter will be used to share some of our exciting learning activities with you through tweets, photographs and videos.

Please follow us @RecHiStPrimary.