At High Street, Geography is taught to a high standard following the National Curriculum Framework. Our Geography Curriculum is designed to promote engagement in learning from a local to global level. We do this by beginning our Autumn term with a unit on Local Geography, with a focus on Winsford and Cheshire. This is followed by our National unit, linked to our residential visits. Finally, in the Summer term we have an International unit where we explore themes including conservation and global warming. Throughout these units, there is a focus on the people who live there; addressing diversity, resources, natural and human environments which allows the pupils to develop knowledge and understand the key physical and human processes. At High Street, pupils are provided with opportunities to become passionate about environmental issues locally, nationally and globally. In doing so, our pupils are able to create well-balanced opinions through the use of critical thinking and recognise their responsibility to take care of the world around them and empower them to do so.  

Three Impacts of Our Geography Curriculum:

- The pupils at High Street have a strong understanding about their locality and develop a sense of belonging and self-worth. 

- The pupils at High Street become resilient and confident geographers.  

- The pupils at High Street are motivated, empowered and confident to have a voice to address local and global issues.  

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