High Street Hub (Breakfast/After School Club)

Out of School Club- Before and After School


Our Before School Club will open at 7.45am each morning and will run until 8.50am. Please book your child/children into Breakfast Club using the on-line booking system. There will be 2 time choices for this club with different prices, see the table below.


Our After School Club will start straight after school and will close at 5.50pm. Please book your child/children into After School Club using the on-line booking system. The club is run by Mrs Davies. Like the Before School Club there are 2 payment choices depending upon the time your child is collected.


Pupil Premium

Children on Cheshire West and Chester free school meals (not Universal meals where children have a free meal in classes Reception to Year 2) will be classed as Pupil Premium. If you think you may be entitled to free school meals (not Universal) please ring them on 0300 123 7039 to apply.

Please pre-book any school clubs for your child via school money at www.eduspot.co.uk . Please go to sign in and schoolmoney parent login. You will then need to login using your mobile phone number, email, password and child’s first name. If you do not yet have a password please let us know in the office. Payments can be made daily, weekly or termly in advance.


Please be aware that Parents should not owe more than £20 or unfortunately, we will need to stop children using the clubs until the balance has been paid.


Please note that should you have paid in advance and your child is ill, payments will be held in credit.

Prices and times information:

Before School Club 

From 7.45am-8.50am= £3.50 per day.

Pupil Premium - £1.50 per day.

From 8.20am-8.50am=£2.00 per day.

Pupil Premium- £1.00 per day

After School Club

3.15pm-4.30pm= £4.50 per day.

Pupil Premium - £2.50 per day.

This will include a simple tea served from 4pm onwards, fruit and drinks

3.15pm- 5.50pm= £8.00 per day

Pupil Premium - £4.00 per day.

This will include a simple tea served From 4pm onwards, fruit and drinks

What can you expect from us?

Before school:

In the morning children are offered a light breakfast and a drink. They also have some time to chat with their friends, play board games or read a book.

After School:

In the afternoons, we provide snacks and fruit for all children, with those who are booked in beyond 4:30 receiving a second snack later in the session. Fresh water is always available. There is a wide variety of activities offered to the children in the after school club, such as: Board games, books, DVDs, computers plus games and sports outside when the weather permits. There is also the use of our new library where the children can sit quietly and complete their homework, read a book or magazines. In fact we offer the type of activities that they would be participating in if they were at home.

Food and Drink:

We aim to provide a range of healthy snacks and drinks and encourage children to eat them sat in small groups in a social environment. Please do not send food for your child, unless they have a specific dietary requirement that you have discussed with one of the club leaders.

Arrival and Collection:

Please do not arrive or send your child to the Before School Club before the advertised time. Staff need time to prepare the rooms safely before the club starts and are not authorised to receive your child any earlier than 7.45am. Children will need to arrive and be collected at the side doors on the green matting area.

Children at the school who are not collected by 3.30pm will be automatically placed in our After School Club and a charge will be made unless you have phoned earlier to say that you are unavoidably running late.

Children will only be allowed to leave with their parent or a nominated person(s). If you anticipate being a few minutes late, you must contact the school or the Afterschool club mobile on 0758 4655 720. It is your responsibility to arrange for someone to collect your child if you anticipate being late by more than a few minutes. Collection after the paid for time, will incur a charge, which will be the full cost of the session. If though you are delayed after 5.50pm the charge will be £5.00 per child.

Email: thehub@highstreet.cheshire.sch.uk