English at Winsford High Street!

At High Street, the development of literacy skills is crucial to all areas of the curriculum. We believe good literacy skills provide our children with the building blocks not just for academic success, but for fulfilling careers and rewarding lives.

Pathways to Write

The joy of reading and writing, throughout the school, is actively promoted through the use of ‘Pathways to Write' created by the Literacy Company. 'Pathways to Write' is based around units of work which develop vocabulary, reading and writing skills through the mastery approach. Lessons are linked to high-quality texts to ensure engaging and purposeful English lessons. Effective teaching strategies to challenge our greater depth writers are included within each of our lessons.


We aim to ensure that all children become competent and fluent readers who develop interest and enjoyment in reading and can access information from a wide variety of texts.  All children are provided with a reading book and reading record. Reading standards are consistently high across the school, with books being banded appropriately to facilitate progression.

Speaking and Listening

At Winsford High Street, we stress the important of Speaking and Listening in all subjects. We know that speaking and listening are at the heart of language, not only as foundations for reading and writing, but also as essential skills for thinking and communication. We understand for our pupils to express themselves fluently they must be exposed to and taught a breath of vocabulary. We expose our pupils to a rich language environment with opportunities to hear and confidently experiment with new words. 

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At Winsford High Street, we aim to achieve proficiency in spelling, grammar and punctuation. We promote the learning of spellings, including statutory words, common exception words and the national spelling rules through the no-nonsense spelling scheme. We believe that the teaching of spelling, grammar and punctuation enables children to express themselves creatively within their writing. This is why we explicitly teach these skills throughout our literacy learning and the wider curriculum.


At Winsford High Street, we are proud of the handwriting standards throughout our school. Our children achieve a neat, legible style with correctly formed letters in accordance with the upright, rounded cursive font. We teach discrete handwriting lessons frequently throughout to allow children to develop flow and speed in their writing that is seen in their independent writing.

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Online Learning Resources for Home

At Winsford High Street, we provide our pupils in Y1-Y6 with a tablet. Apps that our educators think will be benificial for your children's learning are uploaded to this tablet. Additional to this, here are some websites you can use at home to help your child's learning.


Learning Area Website Information
Writing/SpaG Home - BBC Bitesize Games, tasks, homework help and videos.
Writing/SpaG Our New EducationCity - Personalised & Distance Learning | EducationCity Games, interactive lessons and videos. Individual logins provided by school.
Spelling Spelling games, tests and activities (spellzone.com) Spelling games.
Reading Reading Plus® Login Y2-Y6 interactive reading comprehensions. Individual logins provided by school.
Reading  Collins Ebooks (collinsopenpage.com) Reading books for children on colour book band. Individual logins provided by school.
All Log In | Microsoft Teams Home learning and homework uplaoaded to teams. Children can upload their work to assignments. Individual logins provided by school.


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