Newsletter 27.2.20

Date: 28th Feb 2020 @ 9:01am

Newsletter 27th  February 2020

Dear Parents / Carers

World Book Day

This year we will be celebrating World Book Day in a different manner. Each class will focus on the story ‘The Colour Monster’ and work on appropriate activities based on this text. To bring this to life, we should be grateful if the children in the different year groups could dress in the following colours:

Nursery / EYFS: Blue

Year 1: Black

Year 2: Yellow

Year 3: Green

Year 4: Red

Years 5/6: Pink

We realise that your child might not have a full set of clothing in the designated colour, but should be grateful if they could wear at least one item of the clothing in the colour specified.

Please note that we have avoided asking the children to dress as book characters on this occasion as this can be expensive and because a number of year groups have planned to dress up in costumes associated with their topic work during the year. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.



Unfortunately the text messaging service which we use caused an embarrassing situation earlier this week which some parents may be aware of. At the top of each message the service generates a numerical / alphabetical code for reference. Sadly on the top of a Y6 text, the code displayed was a rude word. We can only apologise for this and let you know that we have contacted the Text Messaging providers to ask them to rectify this flaw in their product.


Mobile Phones

Unfortunately we have a growing number of children bringing their mobile phones into school for no reason other than to stand before or after school with their friends creating / viewing videos etc. which is a safeguarding concern. As a result from Friday 28th February children’s mobile phones will not be permitted on site. Any phone belonging to a child found on site will be confiscated and handed back to parents. We appreciate your support with this matter.


Book Fair

I am delighted to inform you that we have the School Book Fair in school from Friday 28th February until Wednesday 4th March. During this period each class will visit the fair to view the texts on offer. The books will be on sale each evening after school, from 3.15- 3.45pm in the theatre. Should you not be able to visit the fair, but wish to purchase a book, we are more than happy for you to send the money into school in a named envelope and a member of staff will help your child.


Coffee Morning

Please note that we will be holding a coffee morning on Wednesday 4th March from 8.50am to 09.50am for parents to visit the book sale. Please enter through the glass corridor off the green carpet area.


Fairtrade Fortnight

This year we are lucky to be working with Fairtrade ambassadors who will be delivering assemblies to the children about Fairtrade and the aims of the charity. They will also introduce the children to the wide range of products produced by workers, who now receive a fair price for their products, thanks to Fairtrade. To raise money this year, instead of our usual Fairtrade bake sales, the school council will be running a stall selling a range of Fairtrade Products priced £2 - £4.  A text will be sent out next week confirming the dates and times of the sale.

After School Club Fairtrade Cakes

After School Club have taken an interest in Fairtrade Fortnight and will be busy baking cakes ready to go on sale. The children are going to be selling these for 50p outside the school office from 3.15pm during the week beginning 02/03/2020. The baking and selling will be completed by the children from the After School Club under the supervision of the adults present. The children would really look forward to seeing you at their stall.


Year 3 / 4 Dressing-up Day

This will take place on 25th March 2020. During the day we should be grateful if the children in Y3 could dress as Ancient Egyptians and the children in Y4 dress as Ancient Greeks. The children will then participate in an array of activities bringing their history topics to life. We appreciate your support with this: Further details to follow.


Sports Relief

This year the School Council have decided that they would like the children to participate in Sports Relief on Friday 13th March. During the day they would like the children to come to school dressed in their favourite sports kit and make a donation of £1 for doing so. The teachers will also be running a variety of sports activities to promote physical activity during the day. As the Year 5 will be in London on their residential visit they may come to school in their favourite sports kit on Monday 16th March.



Diary Dates (*** Change of date/New Date)




Book Fair in school for 1 week


Airport Trip-Nursery classes- all day






Cross Country Competition 3.30-5pm Letter to follow


World Book Day


Y5 residential to London


***Edsential Concert @ the Academy- letter to follow


***Year 3 Dressing Up Day (Egyptians)Year 4 Dressing up day (Ancient Greeks)


***Geography G & T Competition @ The Academy Y3,4,5,6- letters to follow

***Science G & T Competition @ The Academy  Y3,4,5,6- Letters to follow


Y2 Trip to Quarry Bank Mill




Parents Evening 5-7pm


***Easter Service Led by Y5 pupils @ URC


***Year 3 to participate in Hope Journey at St Andrews


Easter Egg Hunt PTA


Finish for Easter @ 3.15pm


School reopens


***Y3 Residential to Anglesey


***EYFS Health Screening



8.5.20 (Friday)

***Bank Holiday


Kind regards,


Mark Joule

Head teacher


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