Newsletter 13.7.2020

Date: 13th Jul 2020 @ 12:49pm

Newsletter                             13th July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

As we approach, what can only be described as a most unusual year, I would like to thank you all for your support during the difficult period of time which we have all encountered. As Head teacher of Winsford High Street, I am forever amazed at the resilience displayed by the children and enthusiasm for learning. Whether this be through home learning or following a return to school, it has been lovely to see the children thrive in many different ways.


Year 6 Leavers

Sadly, this year we have not been able to celebrate the end of primary school in the same way for the children in Y6 who are set to move onto the challenges of high school. However, when we reflect on the pathway they have followed through their time at High Street, we can celebrate the learning which has taken place, the many visits that have been enjoyed and the residential visits that the children have participated in. We can also consider how well they have represented the school, and as a result what life skills and experiences they will take with them. We wish them all every success for the future and hopefully they will return when circumstances permit, to visit and share their ongoing journey.


Staff Changes

Mrs Claydon

The end of term will see the departure of Mrs Claydon who has been at the school for over 20 years as a teaching assistant. Having returned on a part time capacity following the birth of her second child, she has decided to break her links with the school to spend more time to enjoy her growing family. Having worked with her for many years, I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her valuable service to the children of Winsford High Street.


Mrs Andrews

We also see the departure of Mrs Andrews; she will be leaving at the end of term following the birth of her first child. We wish her all the best for the future and thank her for her time at Winsford High Street.


Mrs Mellor

Mrs Mellor will be moving to Kuwait at the end of the summer to embark on the next stage of her career in an international school. I am sure that she will rise to the challenge of working abroad. We thank her for the short, but valuable time she has spent at the school.


Mrs Barnes and Mr Rainer

Mrs Barnes and Mr Rainer are also leaving the school following the end of their temporary contracts. Mrs Barnes has secured a new position at Winnington Park Primary School and Mr Rainer is looking for positions closer to his home on the Wirral. We wish them both every success with their future careers.


Miss Carter and Mr Spann

I am delighted to inform you that Miss Carter and Mr Spann will be taking on additional teaching responsibilities from September following the completion of their degrees. Although they won’t be responsible for their own classes during the coming year, they will be teaching in Year 2 and Year 3 maximising the input for the children in these two year groups following COVID 19.


Class Structure for September

Please find listed below the class structure for September 2020. As you will notice we have added Additional Teachers who will work with the year group throughout the year, but not have class responsibility. In addition, we have two Associate Teachers who will work with other year groups during the year. These are graduates who are completing their training. By introducing regular teaching support in this way, it is hoped that we can rectify some of the impact of Covid-19.


Nursery 1


Mrs S Powell

Nursey 2 (From Christmas)


Mr R Bratt



Miss Garnett



Mr Allen



Miss Williams

Year 1


Miss Fox

Year 1


Mrs Cooper

Year 1


Mr Owen

Year 1


Miss Price

Year 1

Associate Teacher

Miss Kelly

Year 2


Mrs Ferguson

Year 2


Miss McCabe

Year 2


Mrs Robbins

Year 2

Additional Teacher

Miss Carter

Year 3


Miss Barwick

Year 3


Miss Phillips

Year 3


Miss Kaur

Year 3

Additional Teacher

Mr Spann

Year 4



Mrs Coleman / Mrs Raistrick

Year 4


Miss Toomer

Year 4


Mr Amarasinghe

Year 4

Associate Teacher


Year 5


Miss Baker

Year 5


Miss Warrell

Year 5


Mrs Bullen / Miss Guppy

Year 5

Additional Teacher

Mr Bratt (Until Christmas)

Year 6


Mrs Moorhouse

Year 6

Year 6


Miss Stanway

Year 6


Mr Askey

Year 6

Associate Teacher

Mrs Ward




Organisation for September:

Please note that a further letter will be distributed tomorrow to the parents of children in Reception – Year 5 with regards to arrangements for September.


Kind regards


Mark Joule

Head teacher





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