Boy’s Football Tournament


On 17th January 2017 we went to the football tournament in Crewe (The Soccer Centre). We were completing for a chance to play at Wembley. We drew the first and second match and won the third. Also, we were the first people to go in the new High Street minibus; it took us around 30 minutes to get there. We all enjoyed ourselves.

                                    Will, Year 5


Mixed Athletics


On the 12th January, a group of year 6 and year 5 children went to an athletics tournament. We did a variety of races and we all enjoyed it very much. There were lots of schools competing against us and everybody did a great job in all of the races.

                                    Eve, Year 6




Girls Football Tournament


On Friday 27th of January 2017 a group of us [Year 6] went to a tournament in Crewe (Emma, Chloe, Chloe, Ella, Eve, Mollie and Maddie). We were the best team in Winsford and were chosen to represent the town at the Crewe Soccer Centre – I played in defence. I thought Emma (our goalie) was the best, she saved loads! It was a really great experience I thought. We played three matches and it was really fun. I think Ella did great in defence as she let nobody past our side. It was really good.

                                    Mai, Year 6


Mixed Athletics


On the 12th of January, we took a trip to the athletics tournament at Winsford Academy. We won most of the races, but not all. It was amazing to win by 30 points, but most of all it was great to work as a team.

                                    Cameron, Year 5

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