School Council Minutes

School Council

5th March

Present: Logan, Barney, Josh, Lyla, Gracie-Ellen, Rebecca, Lola, Grace, Cameron.

Absent: Henry (Music Lesson)

The children today prepared speeches of persuasion regarding Golden Time ready to present to Mr Joule at the next meeting. The children asked about the Behaviour Policy which is available on the school website.

Presentations will be made to Mr Joule at the next meeting.

In summary:


We need Golden Time because:

  • It’s a reward
  • We enjoy it
  • We can spend time with our friends
  • The games go to waste
  • People want to work hard so they get Golden Time
  • They enjoy being creative and playing
  • It’s on the behaviour policy.


Please can we have Golden Time back because it is a reward and it is motivation to work harder.

Gracie-Ellen, Rebecca, Lola:

Dear Mr Joule,

We would like to restore Golden time as it results in a freedom for the end of each five days. This reward encourages children to complete their tasks and motivate them to continue working throughout the week. Additionally, we would like to bring to your attention that Golden Time is on the Behaviour Policy therefore meaning if we behave well we feel it is within our rights to start Golden Time on a Friday evening. Thank you for listening and we hope you hear our concerns.


I believe that we should have Golden Time for the following reasons:

  • At the end of the week, you have worked hard and the children deserve a treat
  • You have already bought toys etc.
  • It is extremely motivational.


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