Maths is a key life skill and therefore is a crucial element of the curriculum. The children are encouraged to develop numerical skills needed to tackle a variety of problems with confidence and to enjoy mathematical investigation.  A range of teaching strategies are used for example, reciting rhymes, enjoying activities and games as well as more formal mathematics.  These are carefully matched to individual needs and opportunities are taken to extend all children to reach their maximum potential.


During the Foundation Stage the children are taught mathematical skills through practical activities, focussing on number and space, shape and measure.  Children’s progress is monitored through regular assessments throughout the year. 


As the children enter Key Stage 1 and progress into Key Stage 2, they are taught discrete Mathematics lessons. We encourage the children to develop a range of mathematical skills. A great emphasis is placed upon developing mental and written strategies. In addition the teachers utilise the outdoor learning environment wherever possible to enhance the children’s understanding of the different mathematical concepts in ‘real life’ situations.

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