Residential and Day Visits

Day visits are seen as an important part of the children's learning and are arranged at various times during the year to support work in all curriculum areas. These focus on providing the children with relevant first-hand experiences.

During 2017-18, the following visits have been planned in addition to the residential visits listed below:

Nursery: Delamere Forest, Tatton Park Farm and Underwater Street

EYFS: Theatre Visit, Delamere Forest, Underwater Street, Stockley Farm

Year 1: Theatre Visit, Visit to the locality, Library Visit

Year 2: Theatre Visit, Library Visit

Year 3: Theatre Visit, Library, Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

Year 4:  Theatre Visit, Science Museum, Zoo visit, Winsford Flashes

Year 5: Theatre Visit, Tatton Park (Anglo-Saxons)

Year 6: Nantwich, Theatre Visit, River Weaver, Lyon Salt Works, Water World

Residential visits are planned for the children from Year 1 through to Year 6 and take place each year. The visits support the teaching of the National Curriculum, but also develop the children’s personal and social skills.  They are well supported and reinforce the curriculum available in school. The children are given the opportunity to attend one of the following each year depending on their year group:

Year 1:  Tattenhall

Year 2:  Hartington (Peak District)

Year 3:  Anglesey

Year 4:  York

Year 5:  London

Year 6:  Lake District (Hakshead)

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