Curriculum Blog 2018-19


Spring Term 2019



The children enjoyed playing in the cafe role-play area.


We shared the story of the Rainbow Fish and the children enjoyed making their own story books by sequening the story and creating their own Rainbow Fish masks as part of World Book Day.


We explored the capacity of different containers which was a lot of fun!

Using the story of Pirates Love Underpants the children created their own pants using repeating patterns. One night the pirates stole our pants and our treasure chest. We had to go on a hunt for the treasure through the woods and luckily we found them!


The nursery children are very enthusiastic to help reduce plastic waste. The children wrote letters to the company that deliver our milk to request paper straws instead of plastic. The company very kindly replied to our letters and sent some sample paper straws but unfortunately explained that the cost of paper straws in 10 times that of paper straws. 


Reception were very excited by a very special delivery of eggs. The children spent a long time watching and waiting for the chicks to hatch. 


The Reception and Nursery children went of a visit to Imagine That in Liverpool. A lot of fun was had by all.


Following a mini-theme on pirates Reception had a pirate day. A great effort by the Reception team staff!

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


We have been practising column addition using place value counters:

We used cars to investigate forces:

During Fairtrade Fortnight we made banana loaf for the Fairtrade Bakesale.

We have been learning about networks in computing:

We have been reading maps of Winsford using map symbols.


Year 4

Photos from the Clonter Theatre visit:


Investigating the digestive system in science:

Tasting and making Mayan tortillas:

Hot seating in English:

Year 6




Autumn Term 2 2018


We began Autumn 2 with a week of celebrations. We had a busy week making bonfire night pictures, Diva lamps for Diwali and poppy biscuits for Remembrance Sunday.


We enjoyed a birthday themed role-play. We had lots of lovely birthday parites and enjoyed writing birthday cards to our friends.

The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing the story if Stickman. We had a lot of fun making our own stick people, pets for Stickman, a family tree and Stickman biscuits. Stickman went missing during his stay with us and we had to go looking for him. We made maps to help him find his way back to us. 

It was soon Christmas time. We did lots of Christmas craft activities. We particularly enjoyed making our marshmallow snowmen.


We had an amazing visit to Delamere Forest. We made reindeer decorations for our Chrismtas trees, posted our star wishes, toasted marshmallows, drank hot chocoate, visited Father Christmas and enjoyed a nice story with our friends.

A selection of our activities back at school exploring numbers and shape.

We did a brilliant Nativity performance for our grown ups.

Year 1

Experimenting with markmaking:

The Three Little Pigs investigating and further investigation of materials in science:

Using numicon to find number bonds to 10 and concrete objects to write number sentences:

Making a prototype of our lever mechanisms to see which was the strongest:


Year 2


Year 3

We researched the Stone Age monument called Stonehenge. First we discussed what we thought Stonehenge was used for and why it was there. Then we watched videos on how it was built and what it was used for. We made notes and discussed what we had learnt.



Rock Walls: 

Year 4

As part of our work on the Vikings we have made our own Viking boats.



Year 5


Role play activities:

Outdoor Learning:

Science investigation:

Year 6

Tudor Pouches:


A Science drama activty:

We went on a river visit to Nantwich. This was then followed up back in class:

We linked our maths to show the temperatures of the river and the profile of the river bed. 


We made river themed Willow pattern plates and had a go at weaving a river.


A Tale of Quest:

Wind in the Willows Theatre Prep:


Autumn Term 1 2018


Nursery have had a busy Autumn term so far welcoming back our children and settling the new children into nursery life. We have created a display of our favourite nursery rhymes, been busy baking lots of yummy cakes and biscuits and reading lots of stories. 

We have shared the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Through this we have explored the language of size and capacity, developed our role-play skills and practised using different voices for the different characters. 

The children have thoroughly enjoyed the story of Owl Babies. They have enjoyed using the puppets to share the story, have made their own Owl Baby books and have enjoyed learning about owls.


As part of the 'Worlds Largest Lesson' Nursery focused on the problems of plastic in our world. We went on a litterpick and enjoyed collecting natural resources for collages back in the classroom. 

A cheeky little visitor took a liking to our natural resources.



Busy baking cakes

Don't they look delicious?

Look at our colour mixing. We had lots of fun!

We went on a shape hunt around the school grounds looking for 2D shapes.

We then had a go at making our own 2D shapes. 

The children have thoroughly enjoyed using their Talk4Writing skills to learn the story of 'The Little Red Hen.'

During this half term the children have been developing their independence at snack time.

We have also enjoyed this half term the story of 'Whatever Next'.

Year 1

We used different media to make marks for our artwork. 



In English we have been writing non-chronological reports about England and descriptive settings. 


































Year 2


Here is an a example of a descriptive setting.

We have been investigating materials in science.


Year 3





Year 4

Year 4 deep in discussion as part of their English work.


We used drama to re-enact the invasion of Lindisfarne Monastery as part of our work on the Vikings.

Examples of our Viking brooches.

Year 5

An example of our science work:

An example of our Anglo-Saxons map work:

Year 6

We have been sketching facial features in Art:


Using imperative verbs in English:
Using the column method for subtraction: Practising our reasoning skills in Mathematics:
Practising our inference skills: A recount of our trip to Nantwich:

Comparing Tudor and modern day buildings:


An example of our science work on Evolution and Inheritance:

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