Curriculum Blog 2019-2020

Spring Term 2020


In Nursery we have been busy developing our early reading skills and a passion for reading. 

We enjoyed a fantastic trip to Manchester Airport. We learn't about the people who work at the airport and even got to explore a plane!

We've been working hard to develop our pencil grips and mark making skills. 

We learnt all about Pancake Day and took part in different activites related to the day. We even got to taste some with different toppings... delicious!!

We often take our love of reading outside and share our stories with out friends.

We have been doing lots of roleplay related to our topic of Space. 



We started our Spring term with the story of Naughty Bus. Through this we used a variety of art techniques to create a large scale display as shown in the pictures below. We developed our understanding of the world by looking at London on a map and recognisable landmarks. 


In addition to Naughty Bus we followed this looking at 'The Train Ride,' 'Mr Gumpy's Outing' and 'Who Sank the Boat' before moving on to 'Emma Jane's Aeroplane'. 

We went on a visit to Manchester Airports Runway Visitor Park. We were very lucky with the weather and had a great day learning all about how aeroplanes work, the roles of people who work at an airport and on a plane and looked at how air travel has changed.  

Back at school we had a lot of fun in our aeroplane/airport role play area. We flew to many destinations around the world.

We were very lucky to have one of our grandparents who was an retired pilot. He came in to talk to the children about his own experiences. The children had a lot of questions to ask and enjoyed learning about the role of a pilot.

Some children decided to make models of aeroplanes using various construction materials. 

We had a lot of super writing linked to the book Emma Jane's Aeroplane.


To end our Spring Term we began the story of Hattie Peck with our very own arrival of eggs. 

Our chicks hatched just in time before schools were suddenly closed.


Year 1

We had lots of fun acting out the moon landing!

We enjoyed carrying out our own investigations into the lives of different animals which live in Africa.

We have had a great time exploring what happens when we mix differnt colours and how we can use them to achieve certain affects in our artwork.

We have been further developing our knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 20 through a variety of different practical activities.


We enjoy our SEAL sessions and we have been learning about the differences between ourselves and others. 

We ve used concrete resources to allow us to bridge to 10.

Year 2

This term we have had a fantastic time learning all about William Morris. We used a variety of techniques to create our own artwork inspired by his.

We habe had a great time learning about the Victorian era.



Year 3

In Year 3 we have been working hard to develop our literacy skills, here we are learning about homophones.

We have enjoyed learning about the Prehistoric period and have undertaken a variety of themed activities. 

We have continued to develop out mathematical skills. Below we are learning about time. 

All of us have enjoyed reading and learning about different stories within the Bible.

Our scientific investigation into shadows was lots of fun!

Year 4

In Year 4 we have been learning all about the Ancient Greeks. We have learnt a variety of art based skills to create different pieces of work. Here is a painting which was created at Art Club. 

We learnt how to sculpt using clay and created our own Ancient Greek pots.

During Design and Technology we were able to learn how to make our own bread.

We have developed our mathemtical knowledge using our practical skills. Here we are learning how to calculate area. 

We used counters to solve problems involving fractions.

We have used our drama skills to further explore our topic of the 'Ancient Greeks.'

Here we are usingour knowledge to guess the role of the charater using the Agora. 


Year 5



In Year 5 we had a fantastic time visiting Safety Central. We learned all about the processes which keep us safe and what we can do to look after each other. 

We really enjoyed practicing and performing for our Thames concert. 
World Book Day was fantastic! We took part in lots of activities related to our favourite stories, books and authors. 

Our visit to London has to be a highlight of the term! 

We really enjoyed seeing the sights from the view on the London Eye! 

We enjoyed our visit to the Natural History Museum.

The Houses of Parliment were just as we had imagined and fascinating to explore.

The Science Museum was brilliant! We listened to people share their knowledge and got to try a variety of experiments. 
Our tour along the River Thames was fantastic!
During our trip to Wembley we had a guided tour of the stadium and got to see where the players prepare before a big game!

We concluded our trip to London with a visit to the theatre to watch 'Wicked'. We had a lovely evening and will remember our time in London forever. 

Year 6

We all enjoyed a brilliant trip to the Anderton Boat Lift and learnt why it is used and how it works.

We really enjoyed a visit from 'Chemistry with Cabbages!'

We enjoyed taking part in hot seating activites.


We carried out a variety of practical scientific experiments to learn about rivers and investigate them further. 

We have developed our drama techniques over this term, here we are role-playing the characters of Sikh Gods.

We really enjoyed World Book Day and completed a number of creative activites linked to the story of 'The Colour Monster'.


















Autumn Term 2019










Nursery have had a busy first term. They have enjoyed a range of activities:


The children looked carefully at the school logo and made their own salt cups using salt.

Having fun mark making using a range of different media.

Exploring the outdoors.

Stick Man inspired activities. 


We looked carefully at our school badge and made the salt cup logo using different media. We then worked with Year 2 to create a display for the wall. 

When learning about harvest we painted vegetables and made our own vegetable soup. It tasted delicious.

We really enjoyed the story of the Gingerbread Man.

For our maths we have been looking carefully at a different number in turn and doing lots of proble solving activities including doubling, halving and shape, space and measure.

Outdoor learning has been a big hit and the children have enjoyed popcorn made on the campfire!

Year 5 wrote some stories to share with us. Well done Year 5, we really enjoyed listening to you share your work.

Flashlight was used to inspire our writing and creative activities. A lovely book with beautiful images.

Our Christmas Post Office was a big hit. Lots of Christmas cards, lists and letters written and delivered by our post office workers. 

The Reception children had a fabulous day at Tatton Park visiting Father Christmas on the farm and the fairy tale themed mansion.

"He's behind you!" Nursery, Reception and KS1 enjoyed the panto of Robin Hood. 

Year 1

The Children have enjoyed the book 'The Storm Whale' and acting as the Storm Whale. 

Our work on raising aspirations.


We have been using making number sentences in practical ways in maths.

We have enjoyed a walk exploring the different materials around the school grounds. We have been able to sort objects by their materials.

Practising our number formation with giant chalks.

In maths we have been working together to order different amounts.

We have been working on the part, part, whole model in maths. 

Reinforcing ordinal numbers through running races. 

Year 2

We looked at the salt cup on our school badge and created this artwork with Reception.


We did a bread investigation which involved investigating, tasting and evaluating different types of bread.

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. To bring to life how quickly the fire spread we set fire to some model houses. Thank you to the firebrigade who came to support us with our learning on this day. 

Investigating resources from the Great Fire of London.         


We came up with our own Global Goals for our classes.

In English we made instructions to make a puppet. we then followed them to create our own. 

Our Pudsey warm up for Chidlren in Need.

We are having a good time learning to play the ukelele.

Year 3


Year 4

Year 4 had a fab time designing and building their very own Viking longboats. We did a float test to see whose boats were seaworthy!

Miss Toomer's maths class enjoyed playing some number games to help their learning.

We used our understanding of sound in Science to create our own musical instruments from household items.

How can we prove gas exists? We investigated this question with a variety of experiments in Science.

We had a special guest come in and teach us about the Hindu story of Rama and Sita, who defeated the demon Ravana. We learnt a dance which helped us remember the story.

We had some excellent projects brought in for our Viking and Ancient Greek topics!


Year 5

English - conscience alley and freeze frames.


A hook lesson for English:

French 'No Pens Day'

RE Hajj pilgrimage

Science - No Pens Day

Winsford Library visit

Heritage Day at Winsford Library

Wider Opportunities music concert:

Year 6

A building study of Nantwich.

Our class text 'Star of Fear, Star of Hope'

Take a look at our reasoning in Maths.

A newspaper report on the Great Fire of Nantwich.

Year 6 poetrey.

A review of the Prince and the Pauper.

We created Tudor portraits in art for our topic books.


A discussion about the salt mines and links to the Tudor times.

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