Careers and Enterprise


As part of the Winsford Education Partnership, we are trying to tackle disadvantage, raise aspirations and improve the social mobility of children in our town. To do this, a two-year project is underway, where representatives from Winsford schools meet regularly, with the aim of increasing the awareness and teaching of Careers and Enterprise in schools. This Careers and Enterprise Project will run for two years and the aim is for schools to continue the teaching of Careers and Enterprise after the project has finished. The key aims of the project are; to raise the aspirations of young people and their parents/carers across Winsford, to provide opportunities for children and young people to access high quality learning and training, and to help children to develop skills and resilience to successfully transfer to employment and contribute to the economy. Our regular World of Work evenings demonstrate our teaching of Careers and Enterprise through mini-projects. Over the next two years, we will be embedding Careers and Enterprise into our school curriculum further.

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