The Local Authority (LA) is the admissions authority for the school.  Children will be admitted to Winsford High Street Community Primary School, using the criteria specified in the 'information for Parents' booklet issued by Cheshire Children's Services.



If the number of applicationsfor admissions to the school exceeds the school's intended admission limit, the following criteria (in order of priority) will be used to allocate the available places:


• Parental wishes.

• Current family association ie. a sibling in the infant school at the time of entry.

• Health reasons (for which a medical certificate may be required).

• Nearness of the child’s home and ease of access to school.

Pupils transferring into the school are admitted using the same criteria.

Further details regarding pupil admission to the school can be located on the CWAC website by clicking on the following link:

Please click here.




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