Year 1 - Gowy, Wheelock & Dee 2021 - 2022

Mr Bratt

Mrs Cooper

Miss Carter

Mrs Bullen

Welcome to Year 1!

Teachers in Year 1

Mr Bratt  (River Gowy)
Mrs Cooper (River Wheelock)
Miss Carter (River Dee)
Additional Teachers: Mrs Bullen

Teaching Assistants in Year 1

Mrs Clark
Miss Hewitt


Our topic this term is called:

'Where No Man Has Been Before'

During this topic, we will be learning about the famous explorers Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We will investigate why these people are significant historical figures.

Neil Armstrong

Flag of the United States - Wikipedia

Latest NASA News Releases | NASA

Apollo 50-year anniversary: the moon landing's legacy and the ...

Neil Armstrong was born in America in 1930.

In 1962 Neil Armstrong joined NASA to become an astronaut. 

Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon in 1969.



  Christopher Columbus

Flag of Italy - Wikipedia

The Ships of Christopher Columbus Were Sleek, Fast—and Cramped ...

Christopher Colombus was born in Italy in 1451.

He sailed across the world from Europe in a boat and explored America when he wanted to discover China and India. 


Our English texts this half term are:

Look Up!.jpgWhatever Next! By Jill Murphy | Used | 9780333722619 | World of Books

'Look Up'  - tells the story of a girl in a wheel chair who just want people to notice her on her balcony. Everyone just walks by until a boy notices and lays on the sidewalk so she can see him. Soon after, many people start to join. The illustrations are like we are looking down at the girl. At the end of the book the girl looks up and smiles.

'Whatever Next' - In the story Baby Bear finds some space boots, a helmet and a rocket, as he wants to go the moon. Baby Bear whooshes up the chimney and flies to the moon, where he as a picnic with an owl who he meets on his journey. 

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